Hi, my name is Christopher, I was born in the magic and beautiful Scotland and for the last 20 years I have been on a discovery of healing in health, fitness and well-being not only using the physical body but also the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

I have always had a tendency to discover healing throughout the metaphysical and alternative paths even from the very early moments of life where, as a child, martial arts and the power of ‘Chi’ (energy) captured my attention and my imagination.

My experiences have led me to a journey of discovering my Inner Self where my strengths and weaknesses were challenged and where I still challenge them today, striving to push limits and boundaries of my personal, spiritual and metaphysical worlds. I am passionate and dedicated to enhancing my natural talents of healing using the techniques I have learned and created during my journey.

Today I continue my journey with more tools and wisdom applying them to the therapies, coaching, workshops and seminars I offer.

I am a Specialist in Health & Alternative Fitness, De-Armouring (Emotional Release Massage), Corrective Personal Training, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Master of Reiki and Shamanic Tantric Techniques helping people to release blocked sexual energy and open their heart.
I regularly travel and have been working in Scotland, Bali, Greece and Spain, however I am not limited to these countries with Online Coaching and Distance Healing Sessions I provide.

I look forward to sharing what I can offer for your journey where you will experience my complete presence, sincerity, kindness and special heart for whomever wishes to trust and surrender to my hands, knowledge and wisdom.