Sacred Scotsman - De-ArmouringBody Armour is a result from painful, restrictive or intimidating experiences, where we contract on a physical and cellular level as well as in our psyche.  As these contractions cumulative, they start to form Armour inside the tissue of the body.

Within this Armour, we hold patterns of fear, withdrawal and avoidance, most often leading to a sensation of inadequacy and unnaturalness.

Armour restricts the free flowing of our life force, it impacts our health, vitality and sexuality, creates stress and  blocks our access to our higher self and our evolution:

Evolution is based on expansion; Armour keeps us in a constant state of contraction.

Body De-Armoring is a deeply holistic and transformative  process for body and soul.

You gain:

–       Presence and connection in your life

–       Authenticity in your feelings, desires and self expression

–       Deeper access to your sexual life force

–       Freedom from unconscious patterns which are a result of armour

–       Greater access to your free will

–       Greater ease to actualise your potential personally, and in the world

–       Tolerance to pressure and stress

–       A noticeable increase of energy, vitality and health

Body De-Armouring brings more joy in Life, it is a new beginning!

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Other Offerings include:

– Sacred Healing Bodywork

– Energy Healing & Reading (in person or remotely)

– Healing for Women & Coaching for Men (cultivating feminine & masculine essence)

– Intimacy Coaching for Couples

– Massage; Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports


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