Mens Development Group

Mens Development Group - Sacred Scotsman

Men’s personal and spiritual development groups provide the modern man with a safe space in which to: learn to express himself in an authentic way, connect with his inner strength, grow wiser, celebrate life and have a good laugh with friends.

Embark on your greatest adventure – discover your inner power!

We share thoughts, questions, experiences, compassionate feedback and we learn from it all. These groups are interactive and responsive to the needs and issues of the men in the group on the day.

Have fun, make new friends, grow wise and learn to embody your full potential.

We seek to gain insights and clarity about the events in our lives and the internal patterns that drive our responses. We seek to challenge the old beliefs and patterns that perpetuate dysfunctional behaviours – to use awareness to transform them or let them go so that we’re free to create more enjoyable and fulfilling lives for ourselves.

These groups and days are typically practical based, using energetics, breath work, movement and sound to name a few.  The workshops are organic and although there is a formula or program to follow they usually adapt to the specific group on the day.

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