Secrets of Strength

Traditional Strength - Sacred Scotsman

The Secrets of Strength I will explain differ from the conventional and traditional aspects where a man is expected to outwardly and externally ‘show’ strength.

The Traditional Perception

Traditions of physical strength include achievements personally as the Recreational Sportsman or professionally as the Athlete representing team, city and country.  Some signs of physical strength are a strong body being able to run faster than the man next to you or further over great distances.  The ability to jump higher and further than the man next to you.  The ability to throw a greater distance than the man next to you.  The ability to lift more weight than the man next to you are all measures of strength herald from games such as in the Olympics where history tells that Hercules built the Olympic Stadium in honour of Zeus.

Hercules - Sacred ScotsmanAlternatively the pure aesthetic look of a mans build and physique can portray strength; a colossal chest, well rounded shoulders, bulging biceps and the highly desired chiselled 6-pack / 8-pack are all measures of how strong a man ‘looks’.  The growing popularity of Bodybuilding and the “Herculean” look, further enhance the desire to’ look’ strong.

The success of ones career is another sign of external strength, how far up the corporate ladder have you risen?  What size is your company?  How quickly did you get there?  What size of team do you lead / how many people do you employ?  What does your profit and loss statement say?  These are all measures of how successful your career is and in so a measure of strength.

Another traditional measure of strength and maybe one of the most fickle comes from how much money do you have?  Wither from inheritance or self made in a career or profession.

Let’s not forget the psychological strength we get when among other men as we boast of how many women we have had sex with, how many women have been conquered and how many you continue to be successful in bedding.

A Different Perception – A New Way of Thinking

Previously discussed above was that ‘certain’ external traits of a man do not truly measure and show strength.  So if its not external then what would an internal measure of manly strength be?

These are men who are interested with looking within, introspection of self, in order to find the missing parts of their masculinity, the traumas as well as the talents that are hidden in the depths of their spirit and soul.  These are Sacred Men, who are not interested in making money (even though they have it clear that money is something very important in this world if they want to give themselves the quality that they are worth having) but are interested in finding their real purpose of life and do whatever they can in order to achieve it, if money comes during this quest in self so be it.

Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine - Sacred ScotsmanMen who feel that behind their life is hidden a reason of being and acting.  Men who honor their feminine part without loosing their masculinity and Real Men who know that their Sword is not hidden in their head nor at their genitals…but in their heart.

These Men know what the real strength of a man is! These are the traits of the Divine Masculinity, these are the traits of the Mature Masculine.

What Women Want from Men

The woman of today is a tired strong woman who knows perfectly how to work, to give birth to children as if they were their only hope to find happiness, to compete and always try to be better than the other. A woman like that could never really enjoy a Real Man at her side because she could never stand by Him, love him and surrender to him. A woman like her, she can only attract to her reality the opposite pole of her strong masculinity. For these reasons she usually finds men more feminine than her in order to control them, manipulate them, compete easily with them and keep her heart closed.

Unfortunately a big part of the women today are like that. Masculine, hard workers, able to be mothers-business women- gym colic, obsessed with the hygiene and the perfectionism of their world! This makes men try to be exactly the opposite in order to create a polarity and attraction.

Divine Masculine & Feminine - Sacred ScotsmanBut what women really want deep inside their heart is not a feminine man who doesn’t know how to fulfill their needs and never being present, neither a macho strong man that suppresses them and tells them what to do. They want a Real Man to help them transform. To help them leave that world of unhappiness that does not fit their feminine body and cycle. To help them trust again to the healthy masculine energy, open their heart, relax their beautiful feminine bodies and surrender to the presence of the Sword that a Real Man hides.

The women now are yearning for Real Men

What Women Want From Men” by Agapi Apostolopoulou

True Strength

The Secrets of Strength I am learning from my private sessions, study, introspection and self healing are many, I will list what i can now and add more in time.

Presence – the level of a mans presence is a direct reflection of how in touch with his masculinity he is and the man within.  One of the most important traits of a ‘True Man’ is his ability to be present.  Ask any woman how sexy and appealing a man with presence is over a man with none, its unanimous!

Purpose – a man who knows his purpose and actively goes after it. This is a sign as well as a way to tap into the strength of the masculine.  A man with a purpose accompanied with passion and drive all combine to help one on the mastery of masculinity.  Think of Apollo with his Bow and Arrow; your purpose is the target and direction (where you want to go in life), the bow and arrow give you the drive and passion, as the arrow is fired so the fires of your desires are let loose heading to the target at great speed, direction and clarity.

Introspection – a man who is willing to look into his own soul without fear of what he will find with an open honest heart, ready to accept what lurks in the deep depths, ready to do the work on self to become a better version of himself, a better man, a stronger man.  Is a man who not only shows he has strength in character but who is courageous and brave by facing his demons, his shadows.

Open your heart, be vulnerable – a strong man is a man who can open his heart and show his weaknesses and vulnerabilities without fear of judgement or persecution.  An even stronger man is one who is full of fear and does it still!

Be still – can you hold space for your woman when she is in her true essence of femininity and the depths of her chaos or in deep vulnerable states of trauma?  Can you look the devil in the eye, be unmoved, unshaken and unperturbed?  Being still and undeterred is a good measure of a mans masculinity no matter what he faces.

In Conclusion

True masculinity, true strength of a Real Man is not a measure of materials or status among peers, is it not how much money he has or how big his muscles are.  True masculinity and strength are shown from the man who goes within, the man who strives to simply be, be a better version of himself without holding on to past trauma and grudges.

He is the man who is present and who lives in the present.

Secrets of Strength” by Christopher Peacock

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